Specific Issues

Health Care - Cover Oregon

Columbia River Crossing

International Economic Development (Asia)

From Portland - For Oregon

Big Picture Issues

Creating an environment where everyone benefits

  • Economic Prosperity: Attract (aka STEAL BUSINESSES) from other states by creating a 'business friendly' environment through Taxation Reform and Sensible Regulation Reform.​

  • Education Strength: Prioritize budgets to ensure fiscal sustainability for public schools (K-12) and focused initiatives to promote Oregon's world class higher education facilities.

  • Government Spending: Develop a path to eliminate wasteful programs that take money away from Education, Public Safety, & Economic Development.

  • PERS Reform: Stop the debilitating effect of state and local government being strapped and strangled by PERS requirements. 

  • Focus on Job Creation: Increase the number of people who will benefit from Oregon's Economic Prosperity through focused efforts to attract Job Creating business development.

  • Environmental Stewardship: Sensible solutions to create jobs without putting the environment at risk. I believe we can have both at the same time as long as we work together.